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It’s time to Ask the Tarot!

I love to get meta with my tarot decks. So here are three pieces of wisdom gleaned from the tarot about working with tarot. Tarot!

1. Learning to read tarot is an investment, not a quick fix

8 of Pentacles from the Centennial Rider Waite Smith Tarot

One thing about people who are into tarot is they tend to be really into it.

It’s like any other activity or passion where you can get into “the zone”. You are so into what you are doing where you lose a sense of time. It’s not just about the “results”, it’s about the deliciousness and wonderment of the unfolding process of revelation itself.

And there is nothing quite like the a-ha experience of revelation.

It’s those moments which are extended and deepened immeasurably when working with the tarot. The longer you work with the system, the more profound it all becomes.

Not only is this profound and awesome in and of itself, but then there is also the fact that this can all benefit other people too.

The buildings in the distance of this card represent working for the broader community – a hint that by learning and working with the tarot we aren’t merely indulging in some kind of psychological masturbation.

This could mean doing readings for others. Or it could simply be about the peripheral benefit gained by people around you from your genuine attempts to become a better person.

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2. Check yourself before you deck yourself

The King of Cups (reversed) from the Centennial Rider Waite Smith Tarot 

Emotional maturity should be the aim of this game.  Of course that does assumes that you are genuinely trying to become a better person and not simply indulging in some flight of fancy.

So, as tempting as it can be to reach for a deck of cards if you are feeling whacked out emotionally, you’ll need to make sure you tread carefully. If you’re not grounded and your intent is clouded by unprocessed emotion then it can end up all the more confusing.

Think carefully about the questions you are posing. Figure out where they come from and whether or not you are truly open to receiving wisdom.

It’s a nice idea to have a gently potent and affirming oracle deck such as the Journey of Love Oracle Deck to help you out in particularly tense or tender moments.

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3. Show some faith in your own creative power and autonomy

6 of Wands (reversed) from the Centennial Rider Waite Smith Tarot

It’s a wonderful tool but once you’ve initiated yourself and begin unraveling her wisdom, it can become tempting to bring every question to her door.The tarot works best if you are bringing a sense of your own power to make a change to the table.

Don’t succumb to temptation to read for every little thing. Or to keep bringing the same problems again and again. As if just one more reading will reveal more insight, more truth and more answers.

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And your power within it.

At its best tarot should be enabling: providing the insight and possibilities for you to co-create a wondrous life for yourself.

The key word here is CO-CREATE.

The cards may reveal patterns, clues and offer its advice – your fate is ultimately still in your own hands.

Don’t forget it.

You are at least partially responsible for cultivating a constructive approach to working with this tool; for cultivating a successful mindset and for developing faith in your own divine sovereignty.

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So there are your answers from Ask the Tarot. What do you think? I challenge you to pull a card from one of your own decks to suggest some advice from the tarot about working with tarot and leave a comment below! 

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