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Creative State Shadow Work Tarot Spread

Creative State Tarot Spread

I initially designed this tarot spread as a “creative unblocking tarot spread” but on reflection I figured that wasn’t really a super constructive idea.

We’re not always “blocked”. Sometimes we are. But not always.

Sometimes we just need to touch base with where we’re at.

Creative State Shadow Work Tarot Spread

1. Your creative state right now. This card gives you the zeitgeist. The key spirit of the present moment in terms of your own creativity and its manifestation.

2. Subconscious, hidden or shadow influences. After you have finished shuffling and dealt the first card, pick this card from the very bottom of the tarot deck.

3. Key priority, focus area or obstacle. Your creative state is dynamic and influenced by multiple forces within the self and externally. This card reflects one main aspect that requires your attention. Keep in mind that this isn’t always a “problem” or a “challenge”. It may be something positive that you have refused to acknowledge so far.

4. Advice or a suggested course of action. This card will show you what action to take or a perspective that would be helpful at this moment.

5. Some likely benefits may be obvious. This card shows an unexpected bonus from taking advice/action suggested in card 4.

Pro-tip: Pay attention to direction and interaction in this spread. Do certain cards appear to be linked to each other? Noticing these kinds of connections can deepen your interpretations.

How did this spread go for you? I’d love it if you left a comment and shared your insights. And if you enjoyed this spread, or found it useful, please share it around!

Ciao x

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