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Here comes the Sun

Here Comes The Sun: Soul Consciousness, Creativity and Spirituality


The Sun’s astrological symbol is almost deceptively plain –  a simple circle with a dot in the centre.

This icon is considered to be a representation of the ultimate source of life.  For the individual it represents personal power; the origin of vitality; the Self behind the mask of persona.

The incarnated animating life spark that behind all illusion of identity and separateness, we are.

Prior to any interpretation that can be made of the Sun once it is mediated through the myriad of other parameters that describe specifics of the individual personality, it is the source of condition-less consciousness itself.

It is the warmth and light that actualises latent potentialities within individuals and brings them to fruition. It is the essence within every creature which animates, or brings to life, a feeling of purpose as well as an impulse towards creativity.

Thanks to pop culture most of us are familiar with the zodiac signs – a system of 12 archetypal styles that are essentially intended to describe a complete cycle of creative experience.

The signs also traditionally correlate with the cycle of the sun through the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere – the first sign Aries correlating with the onset of Spring, and so on.

For the individual, the sign that the Sun is in at birth provides an indication for the particular conditions that consciousness will seek manifestation and expression.

It will of course be a generalisation and there are a number of other factors involved that provide more specific and sophisticated delineation when it comes to each individual’s character/astrological makeup.

Way too many to possibly bring into the equation when we are making broad brushstrokes. But in a nutshell, for your star sign,  this is pretty much it.


The Sun and the Creative Principle


Greater understanding of the symbolic Sun’s characteristics can come through an investigation of solar mythological figures such as the Roman God of Light Apollo.

For example, many stories involving Apollo link him with the arts – especially music – highlighting the intrinsically creative aspect of solar expression. In this context music is recognised as an art-form that enables healing through the ordering of various principles into a sense of harmony.

In parallel, the Sun acts as what superstar astrologer/Jungian psychoanalyst Dr Liz Greene has described as the ordering principle of the psyche.

The principle that offers the potential to generate and restore a sense of inner harmony to each of us.

Within astrology we also consider the Moon, the planets and a number of other cosmic objects to represent various archetypal forces of nature. Even points in space (usually relative to time and/or space) are considered to hold significance.

It gets complicated fast and can seem distorted, bizarre, and even obscene to the rational mind but to others (myself included) it creates parameters for something fascinating and poetic to emerge that somehow for whatever reason corresponds meaningfully to life here on Earth.

As above, so below.

The astrological birth chart might be seen as the sheet music to our personal symphony. Click To Tweet

…with its various harmonious or discordant potentials, and the Sun as the orchestrator.

Liz again puts it beautifully when she says that ‘we need to learn to hear, and play, our own special form of inner music.’.

Considering the Sun in this way – as a force of potential self-expression – it is easier for us to remember that for the individual the Sun sign that we are prescribed isn’t a set of personality traits that belong to us.

They are potentials that become actualised through our lives as consciousness within each of us is accessed and channelled through creativity, action and experience.


Extra thoughts on accessing the Solar principle through religion, spirituality, and astrology.


There are many schools of thought and enlightenment traditions that teach different methods of accessing the soulful aspect of consciousness.

Usually this involves some form of indoctrination/initiation; a process of re-education; and practices that strip back the individual ego/personality.

It seeks to replace all the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, obsessions, etc as well as the culture that we have inherited from our families, via relationships and from society at large.

A process of de-conditioning and re-conditioning that hopefully enables the seeker to then be able to have a more stabilised ego through which to experience the solar essence, God, the Holy Spirit, Christ-Consciousness, love and light, Krshna, prana, the Soul, Buddha Nature, Self, or whatever it is called within that particular tradition.

This is an idealisation of what actually happens though.

More often than not what we find are perverted power structures (aka organised religion that has forgotten or distorted the point) and personality cults that ultimately replace one set of shackles with another.

Astrology could be considered to be another program/model (it is my personal tendency to see it so), and from certain perspectives certainly appears more orientated towards total fatalism than liberation and enabler of free will.

But in my eyes it has the potential to put at least some creative control and response-ability back into the hands of the operator (you).

Admittedly it needs a particular and sophisticated approach to prevent reverting back to prescribed dogma, fascism or as a crutch for the needs of a fragile ego.

Personally I think when it comes to developing a soulful spirituality having some kind of personal mythology, narrative or system to align with is important and also makes things interesting.

Whether it’s yoga or Buddhism or Christianity or astrology or whatever.

It’s ultimately unnecessary.

But it does help you operate in a shared space with other people (a.k.a “find your tribe”) if that kind of thing is important to you.

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