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La Luna

The Moon provides a good ‘in’ to astrology. It should be a pretty straightforward symbol for most people to get their heads around.

There is at least a general awareness that our mysterious cosmic travelling companion has had poetic associations for as long as we’ve had eyes to see and voices to sing of her nature.

It is a beacon of reflected light. It’s existence reminds us that life is a mystery.

There are associations with the feminine, motherhood, women (I can attest to the cycle of menstruation tending towards synchrony when left to attune), and the irrational nature of humanity (read: lunacy).

Her effect on the tides is a macrocosmic parallel to the rhythm of emotional ebb and flow within each of us. And she continues to be used by nature’s caretakers worldwide to guide maintenance of the land.

In astrology the moon and the zodiac sign that is in are indications of an individual’s emotional style as well as what they need to feel secure.

It is also your experience of Mother and women.

For me the discovery that the moon could even possibly mean anything personal, and then investigating it for myself, was essentially my gateway drug to astrology.

I could kind of relate to being a Leo Sun but suddenly there was an extra colour on my palette and the more I dug the more it all made a strange kind of poetic sense.

The Sun and Moon’s dance is a cycle of manifestation.

We plant seeds at the New Moon that grow and reach fruition at the Full – hence you’ll often hear that New Moons are potent windows to set intentions or start something new.

You get an opportunity every month to set your resolutions.

I personally think that there is a close association between the Moon and some core parts of what we consider Ego.

The moon represents our emotional nature, our needs and (in)securities. So often our personalities are infused by these principles.

If our Moon is not taken care of we can often feel alienated, cut off from the world around us. Click To Tweet

We feel unsupported and insecure.

Moonlight is distorted Sunlight.

It can be tricky to get a handle on our own emotions and operate our egos consciously.

I talked about the Sun and its association with the pure light of conscious awareness in a previous article, and when we come to the Moon it can be helpful to keep this idea in mind – that when we are relying on the light of the Moon (the perspective of the emotions or an ego that is insecure or unstable) we need to remember that we are ultimately not seeing the truth of the situation.

Moonlight creates strange shadows where creatures of the night are born and thrive.

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