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Star Wars Tarot Spread

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Tarot Spread

Star Wars isn’t perfect. (Don’t hate me.) But there are some nice aspects to the world being partly raised by George Lucas Inc.

We learned that redemption is possible, being kind is good, and other wholesome shizzle like that.

Also for millions of people it was their first initiation into alternative spiritual ideas through the concept of the Force.

I think we probably all have our own feelings and ideas about what the Force is…It certainly seems analogous to words like prana or chi or kundalini though.

To help us figure it all out, and in celebration of Star Wars Day I bring you The Force Awakens: A Star Wars Tarot Spread.

Designed to help you use the Force – whatever the hell it is – for good!

This tarot spread uses the Death card as the significator. I’m going to leave it up to your imagination as to why this might be.

1. What would the result of allowing the Force full expression in your life look like?

2. What is currently blocking the Force’s expression? 

3. Advice to help you foster resistance to the pull of the Dark Side.

4. Heroes do the right thing even if they’re afraid. Here’s a tip to help you be heroic, banish regret and live fearlessly in the moment while you do what you need to do.

5. Yoda Speaks – A nugget of wisdom from your inner wise guru on how to work with your Awakening Kundalini. I mean, the Force. 

I hope you liked this spread! Let me know what you think and please share it around if you do happen to love it.

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  • Sage

    This is amazing! I love this idea. I love all the spreads you have created but this might be my fave. 🙂

    • Nikki

      Thank you! I definitely want to loosen up a bit and do more fun (but still meaningful) spreads like this 🙂

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