Empowered living through tarot and astrology is about…

  •    Fostering autonomy through engaging with synchronicity and a mythic perspective…
  •    Shadow work and psychological alchemy
  •    Playfulness as a sacred act.

If you are curious about the potential for using tarot and astrology to artfully navigate through this amazing dream called Life, then you my friend are in so much luck.

Those just happen to be topics that light up my heart and soul, and it’s my purpose to share that passion.

Here you’ll find game changing tarot spread ideas as well as tips and perspectives to help you dabble with divination more mindfully.

I love to muse my way into the heart of the current planetary weather, considering what it all might mean for us here on Earth and offering tips from the tarot about the best ways to align our dance with it.

These creations are all dedicated towards helping you to develop your cosmic vocabulary in order to expand and deepen your personal awareness.

I strongly believe in personal agency and our ability to create our own fate.


So you’ll find my approach person centered and always with a focus on empowering and encouraging narratives.

It’s about synchronicity

I do not subscribe to the concept that the planets are puppeteers. In other words, I do not believe in a causal relationship between the heavens and the earth.

For me, the dance of the planets corresponds with natural rhythms of individual and collective human growth and development here on Earth.

As above, so below.

The use of tarot, with all its chaos and randomness, is a way to manifest a meaningful co-incidence.

I find both tarot and astrology to be incredibly useful tools to comprehend and navigate the present moment through their different approaches to the mystery of life.

Readings with me are a rich blend of the technical and intuitive.

I’m currently studying towards an accredited Diploma in Clinical and Spiritual Counselling and you can benefit from the training I’m undertaking there, as well as my knowledge of the cards and stars.

The experience is intended to illuminate, encourage and inspire.

To highlight the cosmic context of the unfolding moment, and to help you step into your place of power within it.

I’m still pondering her reading and its deep, perceptive wisdom days later.

or, get to know me a little deeper…

Hey! My name is Nikki and I have been practicing tarot and astrology for close to a decade.

State of Wild Grace is an outlet and a manifestation of my passion.


My intention is to create inspirational and encouraging content, to share ideas and to provide a platform to provide readings to anyone who believes they may benefit from my style of insight.

I have been a classic dabbler when it comes to spirituality and the occult,  and my many interests subtly inform my writing and my readings.


Some of these include alchemy, Taoism, shamanism, the ideas of Carl Jung, certain schools of Buddhist and Hindu thought, chaos magick, music and the arts in general.


I believe in the significance of dreams, the abstract and the surreal.


And my aim in life is to live it as joyfully, confidently and with as little dogma as possible.

Where do we go from here…

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