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Super Powers Tarot Spread

Super Powers Tarot Spread

It can be hard to acknowledge or even see our own gifts.

This super powers tarot spread is designed to reflect them to you and and is meant to be performed quickly. This gives you a chance to practice free association and also encourages you to move past any resistance that blocks you seeing yourself in a positive light. Or at the very least can make you aware you have them.

Life is a strange beast and our powers may show up in the disguise of something that seems negative.

This might also be a chance to practice re-framing something that appears to be a challenge into something that becomes part of your personal bounty.

Trust in your imagination to guide you.

Each pair of cards represents one of your personal superpowers. 

You can pretty much do as many pairs of cards as you want, but I suggest selecting 5 pairs of cards for a total of 10.

This is to tune you into the energy of the Wheel of Fortune.

If you try this spread– please feel free to share it and tag me on Instagram! @schoolofdivination

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