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Take Action Relationship Tarot Spread

Take Action Relationship Tarot Spread

I’ve called this a “Take Action Relationship Tarot Spread” but this could also mean not taking an action.

This spread is also about encouraging the highest possible perspective; about surrendering actions or lower vibe perspectives; and taking actions that are in resonance with your relationships highest purpose.

For this relationship spread we’re going to draw 6 cards. This signifies the spirit of the Lovers card: promoting communication and resolution.

  1. What you’re bringing to the situation. Remember this is about a particular energy or attitude that is influencing events.  
  2. What the other party is bringing to the situation
  3. Action or perspective to avoid or surrender.
  4. The best course of action to take or perspective that needs to be developed. The action or perspective that is in alignment with the highest purpose of what’s happening.
  5. An unexpected Bonus resulting from that action or  new perspective.
  6. A card to provide insight on the highest purpose of the relationship at this time.

If you try this spread– please feel free to share it and tag me on Instagram! @schoolofdivination


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