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The Only Way to Read Tarot

 The ONLY way to read Tarot

I’m going to be honest with you: the title of this post is pure clickbait and total BS.

Because there isn’t only one way of learning tarot.

Even though you’ll occasionally hear opinions about the way that all serious students of the tarot must learn the Very High Art of Cartomancy if they ever hope to achieve “mastery”…

But honestly, it seems for the most part that a lot of that is a bunch of self-righteous posturing.

And thankfully that opinion is a lot less popular than it used to be.

The truth is that there are many approaches. And in my honest opinion in order to be a well-rounded dynamic reader it’s good to get some skill and experience at reading in different contexts and applying lots of different methods.

You’ll find what works for you, find what you like and what you don’t like and eventually develop your own style.

Your style of working with tarot may or may not involve the following:

Reading daily for yourself.

Reading only for yourself.

Never reading for yourself.

Reading for other people.

Reading tarot out loud.

Charging money for readings

Never charging money for readings

Only ever owning and using one deck.

Using 10 different decks and having 35 more under your bed.

Writing about your insights in a notebook or journal.

Eventually, or immediately, incorporating reversed cards (when a card shows up upside down).

Studying book meanings or meanings from websites.  

Studying related symbolism such as numerology, kabbalah or astrology.

Not studying book meanings and daydreaming your meanings via intuition.

Sleeping with cards under your pillow.

Putting your cards out under the Full Moon to charge ‘em up.

Using tarot for magickal workings.  

Only ever seeing your cards as a psychological tool that requires no additional frill, prop or woo.

Personally, I think it pays off when a student of tarot approaches their practice/play dynamically and explores different avenues. It can only enrich your experience.

But that’s just my opinion!

If you’ve been worried you’re not learning tarot the “right way” consider this your permission slip to do it any way you damn well please.

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