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Three Planes Tarot Spread

Three Planes Tarot Spread

This spread is designed to challenge you. It’s slightly less specific than prior spreads. 

9 cards represent the Hermit: the light bearer who listens as hidden aspects of the psyche, and the world’s soul, speak.

The spread will provide an overview of 3 different planes of situational experience. 3 rows of 3 cards each create 3 statements. 

  1. Highest potential of the situation
  2. The situation at face value/what you know about the situation.
  3. What is operating in shadow; what’s presently unacknowledged or under the surface.

This reading might be challenging if you don’t have a lot of experience with cards but it is a great one for practice.

What we are doing with this spread is making space to let the cards tell us key story-lines in a situation. It’s a chance to let yourself free associate. You might like to write down a few words for each card and come up with a sentence or statement for each row.

Initially it might be a good idea to have the cards all face down and only turn over row 2 first. To first connect with the situation at Face Value before examining other aspects of the situation.

Eventually as your confidence increases and your understanding develops, you may find this a very useful spread to use when reading for other people.

If you try this spread– please feel free to share it and tag me on Instagram! @schoolofdivination

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