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Where to buy tarot decks

Where to buy tarot decks

Gone are the days of relying on your local bookstore – or if you’re lucky to have one, metaphysical witchy woo shop – for your tarot needs.

Thanks to the internet the options for tarot decks and where to buy them have burst wide open.

Here are some suggestions for where to look for your next tarot deck:

Amazon/Book Depository/other book e-tailers

Here you’ll find a very good range of mainstream contemporary and traditional decks, usually for a good price.

eBay, or other local auction websites

These tend to be better for your second hand, rare or harder to find tarot decks.

Etsy/Direct from the deck creator themselves

On Etsy it’s also possible to find your second-hand and rare decks, but here is where you can also find and buy unique tarot decks directly from self-publishing artists. It’s an exciting time for tarot for essentially this reason.

Deck creators often sell from their own websites, too. You’d probably need to know what it is that you’re looking for to find these websites though. Amazon, Etsy, etc are more set up for having a browse.

Kickstarter or other crowdfunding platforms

If you want something totally contemporary then these platforms are likely to be the best place to find that. Go to Kickstarter and search for tarot deck and see what comes up!


Yes, you can of course still find tarot decks in bookshops. They don’t always have to be metaphysical shops either. I’ve seen tarot decks in mainstream bookstores and I think in the US/Canada you can even get them in massive Walmart-style stores these days.

I’ve also picked up a few decks from second-hand bookshops. I personally don’t mind if decks are second-hand. If they are in good condition and I like the artwork, then that’s good enough for me.  

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