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Yin Yang Tarot Spread

Yin Yang Tarot Spread

The Magician is said to embody Yang energy. The High Priestess can be said to embody Yin energy. Let’s play with a spread to connect to and reflect on these principles with a simple Yin Yang Tarot Spread.

So firstly – you’ll first need to find the Magician and High Priestess cards within your deck and spend some time contemplating these two images as opposite forces.

Within yourself and  the world at large.

The Magician is said to embody Yang energy – creative, active, atomistic, asserting personal will, externalising..

The High Priestess can be said to embody Yin energy – receptive, adaptive, holistic, the dynamics of relationship, internalising…

At their best these energies complement and reinforce each other’s strengths.  Sometimes adjustments need to be made to maintain and restore harmony.   Both modes are important and the inter-relationship of these forces can have major impact on your effectiveness and enjoyment of life.

Draw a card to represent both the Yin and Yang qualities with yourself at the present time and reflect  on the recommended  action, or the perspective  that may need to be integrated.

Take your time with this one. Really feel it out and keep a record of your insights.

Do it again every once in awhile and track your development. You could also equally try this with the Empress and Emperor cards…

If you try this spread– please feel free to share it and tag me on Instagram! @schoolofdivination

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