Astrology Forecast for August 2019

We start and end this month with impressive New Moons in fire sign Leo and then in Earth sign Virgo. The New Moon in Leo also involves a conjunction with Venus. The New Moon in Virgo at the very end of the month involves both Venus and Mars. It will also be aspecting the revolutionary, trance-breaking planet Uranus in fellow Earth sign, Taurus.  

This is a month where we may see a number of faces of feminine power and struggle.  As mentioned the New Moon brings together the two Luminaries, and Venus. And from there Venus and the Sun travel together throughout August, with Venus overtaking the Sun mid-month after their conjunction at 21 degrees of Leo. 

This is Venus as Ishtar, Goddess of Love and War, with her Lion-driven Chariot. This is a charming and proud placement. This is a Goddess who can lose her decorum when a wounded pride is involved, to say the least. 

Planets that travel close to the Sun are considered to be Combust, or negatively impacted by the strength of the Sun’s rays. The Sun is strongest in its home sign Leo, its expression is at its most pure. Venus isn’t weak in Leo, however it seems that the less harmony seeking or moderating aspects of Venus will be expressing themselves this month…

The Sun can often be a symbol for the Leader. A King, or Head of State.  Maybe a President. In a collective context I’m expecting to see a wave of sustained passion and righteous activism relating to feminist issues. Fiery passion and righteousness reach new heights of expression..

There are likely to be many burn victims in this Culture War.  And by the time we reach the end of August I think we’ll be ready for the more down-to-earth, strategic, and nourishing approaches offered by Virgo.

While there are challenges this month, there are also a number of Golden Moments available for experience too and it’s in our interest to take advantage of the optimism while we can. For if we cast our eyes over the astrology for later this year we find that we’re entering very sincere times.  

In the middle two weeks we experiencing a beautiful trine from Jupiter in home sign Sagittarius, to the Sun and Venus. Around the 11th/12th of August, Jupiter will turn direct.  A few days later we have the Full Moon in Aquarius.

This is our opportunity for something wondrous and some of us may benefit from some good fortune, especially if we’re in touch with our Rebel Hearts (Aquarius Moon) and show unwavering self-belief (Jupiter in Sagittarius) in our purpose.

If we can truly trust ourselves and show faith, then we can feel exultant at times. In the face of dire personal or global crises a heart-opening magic is available to us.  

Anything in excess can be destructive, including the good life, and with Venus somewhat debilitated it will be easy to overdo it and maybe miss this opportunity.

We’re encouraged to playfully explore our own limits and leave ego at the gate. Somehow we must open ourselves up to be energized by experiences without letting ourselves become carried away, or brought down in anyone else’s haywire crossfire. 

We’re all encouraged to pick our battles now.  For we might feel this month like we have all the energy in the world to bring to the battleground but we simply don’t, so don’t let Leonine pride push you into relentless ego-battles that will deplete important reserves that you will be relying on.

This isn’t to say the fight isn’t worth it. There is after all a War on for our Collective Heart and Soul. But petty battles are not the way this war is won.  The high road is creative, and one in which you find the throne of your own power. To lead from the heart. And the Full Moon in Aquarius mid-month reminds us that a victory is one which is for the greatest good for all. 

So pick your battles, if you can. 

Mercury goes direct at the beginning of August in Cancer, close to the North Node.  It has been grinding back towards an opposition with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

It’s been a time of locked goat horns and crab claws. Of conflict, of emotional reactions, of old patterns and styles of communication that we learned through close conditioning to come up for review.  

As Mercury moves ahead through Leo, and along with everything else that’s going on, we can perhaps expect melodramatic outbursts, or at least some mighty posturing… Mercury in Leo has a powerful capacity to write its own stories; to play with language; to express itself creatively.

If we learned our lessons from Mercury retrograde, we’ll be finding new ways to communicate that aren’t based on those old inherited patterns or tired tropes.

Once Mercury enters Leo, it will trine the Wounded Healer Chiron in Aries and square off against Uranus around mid-month…. We’ll get an opportunity to see how radical we can really be with our narratives, for better or worse.

The opportunity for reconciliation is definitely there, but more than anything else it requires EMPATHY. And the trappings of the ego, including the need to be right, are seductive indeed.    

Around the 17th/18th of August, Mars reaches the last, critical, degree of Leo -- it acts the vanguard, boldly penetrating into the territory of Virgo quickly followed by Venus, and the Sun and by the end of the month the passion and enthusiasm of the Leo season is well and truly over. 

The Sun, Venus and Mars conjoin in early degrees of Virgo on the run up to the New Moon. The focus now shifts away from passionate opinions and identity politics. This is a time for strategizing and defining our goals and the steps that we will take to get there.

A time to enact whatever personal realizations and growth we benefited from or suffered from during August. And to spiritualize them by grounding ourselves into the body. Into rituals, routines and processes.

It’s likely that issues around health, wellness, diet and the environment will suddenly come into sharp relief and we will all be feeling the pressure to radicalise our personal approaches. 

This is what we must retain our creative energies for….  


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