Feedback and Testimonials

“My astrology reading from Nikki was the best, most helpful, resonant reading I've ever had…

I felt like she -- with wisdom and compassion -- took a look into my soul and showed me where I could focus and make some adjustments in order to get more fulfillment out of life. The reading was extremely accurate and every single thing she said made sense to me. Repeated listening will be essential in order to get all the treasure out of the reading.”

“I recently received an astrology reading from Nikki and absolutely loved it.

It was empowering and super enlightening. I gained powerful insights which allowed me to come up with a plan to adjust some things around in my life. I believe Nikki definitely has a gift. Her reading was clear and delivered with a comforting and caring touch. I highly recommend and I will definitely be getting this kind of reading again. Give it a try and be prepared to be amazed. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this reading! It gave me insight,direction, and focus, which is exactly what a reading should do.”


“Getting a reading from Nikki was like tapping into a knowledge source I didn't realize was there…

I'd used free online software to look up my natal chart before, but didn't get past the basics. Nikki used my chart to give me guidance on exactly what I wanted..I never knew a chart could do that! I feel inspired and I feel like so much makes sense. 

I'm super curious to see what my chart has to say about some other aspects of my life now and I would definitely get another reading with Nikki.”

“I've had a lot of astrology readings, and this was far and away my favorite.

Nikki is an amazing astro goddess. I've listened to my reading from her multiple times and I'm still finding new aspects that fascinate me. She really knows what she's doing and gave me excellent new insights into the areas I asked her to look at (Cap in Venus, Uranus, Satrun, Neptune vs. Sag Sun, Moon, Mercury). Her reading helped me to gain clarity on some aspects that I had found troubling. Also, she has the most musical, soothing voice. I could listen to her talk starry to me all day…”

“As far as I am concerned this was money well spent and you are a credit to your craft.”


“She's super talented and incredibly knowledgable.

Nikki is one of my favourite readers to check in with when I need someone else to read my cards. I love how she combines tarot and astrology and her audio readings feel like a phone chat with your bestie. Love her lots! X”

“Sometimes you need someone to see the parts of you that are obscured….

Nikki "got" me at a very deep level that few others ever have.  There was no judgment on her end, just loving support.  She pulled the disparate elements of my [astrological] chart into a frame of my whole life… I'm still pondering her reading and its deep, perceptive wisdom days later."

“…Seriously, get a reading from her. You will absolutely not regret it.””