5 Ways Learning Tarot Can Make You Richer, Smarter and Sexier


Yep, that was a headline designed to get your attention. But honestly I'm going to do everything I can in this brief article to deliver on its promise.

Yes, believe me!

Learning Tarot can make you RICHER, SMARTER and SEXIER.

Just keep an open mind as we dive into this!

One of things I didn’t expect when I picked up a tarot deck is how much it would add to my life...

...I didn’t know what to expect at all actually, and I'm sure that my open-minded attitude helped a lot!

I’d seen tarot referenced in the media, but always in a way which made it look either mysterious AF...

a little evil or at least shady….

... and almost always something that smart people wouldn't be doing.

I’ve definitely had my fair share of people look at me like but you’re not stupid? when I’ve revealed my interest in tarot and astrology, so the mainstream media has done a really great job hammering home that message!

But some of the most emotionally intelligent and just straight-up nerdy people I've ever met practice divination (or even weirder shit), so what's up with that?

Anyway, maybe you’re in the same position as I once was...

Fascinated by the mysteriousness of your experiences and searching for meaning.  

You’re also a smart cookie, and aren’t fully satisfied with fluffy new-age explanations for how something like tarot might work…

... And you’re not sure exactly what treasures it can offer anyway.

I’m here to try to coax you over the edge with more than promises about fulfilling of your highest spiritual potential* or "meeting your twin flame".

And in my opinion, these are much more exciting reasons to get on board the tarot train anyway!

Let’s dive in.

*attempting to be richer, smarter and sexier may still lead to the fulfillment of your highest spiritual potential.


Using tarot is often a hands-on experience. It’s also a dynamic practice that allows you to engage with yourself and the world in a variety of creative ways.

Using Tarot regularly can open you up to new ways of creative thinking. This can be achieved by studying the cards themselves, and by engaging in different activities with them.

Each card is a mirror for contemplation and offers suggestions for skillful approaches to all kinds of situations.

You can use the cards as a meditation aid if you are seeking to cultivate a certain attribute, or to help you to manifest a certain result for yourself.

A basic example would be that if you’re looking for a role-model for yourself to be more of a boss in your own life, then you could spend some time learning about, or simply looking at the Emperor card.

You could then apply what you learn from The Emperor to your own life and be on the fast-track to being boss.

Each of the 78 cards is a springboard for creative thinking.

Creative thinking is SMART thinking.

And creative people are SEXY people!


It's smart to know when to cut your losses, right?

Yes, you can use tarot to ask specific, predictive questions.

Many contemporary readers want to focus exclusively on tarot’s use as a creative tool for self-reflection, but the truth is you can use divination to predict events and outcomes.

There’s no way I’m going to guarantee that this is something that can be done with 100% concrete accuracy.

Reality is weird. And tarot is symbolic and nuanced.

Ultimately you're trying to determine the likelihood of something happening (or not) using a series of symbolic images that have many layers of meaning.

If you're only trying to make completely concrete predictions then chances are you’re going to be off the mark sometimes…

but sometimes you can be on the money.

If you're open to reality being malleable, mysterious, and beautifully fickle thing at times...

and you're willing to accept that the future is subject to flux...

...then working with tarot in a predictive way could benefit you and others.

What I'm saying is that using tarot for prediction can be really empowering with a flexible approach.


There are many fantastic myths about where tarot originated from, most of which arose from 19th and earth 20th century imaginations.

However based on the current evidence, Tarot is a product of the Italian Renaissance period with the first deck dating from the 1400s.

Tarot was birthed in the same century and country as (the very smart) Leonardo da Vinci.

Since the 15th Century, and especially in the last 50 years, there have been many stylistic iterations of the system we know as Tarot, and these days there are hundreds of contemporary options to choose from.

How we engage with the cards has also evolved…. but the architecture of the deck has not changed so much.

To read the cards is to be part of a rich living tradition that stretches back several hundred years at least.

One that doesn't look like it's going to die out any time soon…


Thanks to the digital age, there are many pathways that allow you to produce your own tarot deck if you feel ambitious.

This could be something you undertake as a personal project to create a deck for your own use only...

Or you may decide to attempt to publish it via crowdfunding.

No matter what your style or theme, chances are you can find an audience.

Alternatively, you can encourage your favourite artist to produce a deck. (Who knows, maybe they’ve already made one!)

I won’t pretend it’s easy work, but creating a tarot deck can be somewhat lucrative.

Being a successful deck creator gives you heaps of street-cred, too. And maybe even the chance for you to be picked up by a mainstream publisher.

And from there who knows?


If you’re looking for friends, learning tarot can connect you with a wonderful community of like-minded individuals.

I know that it was a huge relief for me to be able to network with other people on the same buzz, and my life is definitely richer for having made those connections.

There are many online spaces dedicated to the exploration of tarot which allow you to connect with people at all different points on their path.

Fair warning some of these spaces are nicer and more conducive to personal development than others. Some are specifically dedicated to learning tarot; some seem to be all about getting free readings or full of spam.

I’m biased, but Tarot Nerds is definitely my favourite.  It's full of absolutely sexy*** people --  come hang out!

***I don’t know about you but there’s nothing more attractive to me than someone who is courageous enough to be proactive towards their own self-mastery ;).