Tarot and Astrology Written Reading


Tarot and Astrology Written Reading


In this reading I will explore your query using a blend of tarot, astrological technique and intuition and provide you with actions and perspectives to forge ahead.  

We can explore several areas of interest in this reading, or we can keep it general. If you have particular issues that you wish to explore, please let me know.  You’ll be prompted to complete a survey to provide relevant info to allow me to proceed with your reading.

This reading seeks to provide cosmic context for your current experience and will arm you with insight that prepares you for the future.  

Please note that no prior astrological knowledge is needed to benefit from a reading with me, however a reasonably accurate birth time is*.

This reading is for you if:

  • You prefer or require a text-based reading

  • You want an epic reading that takes advantage of my knowledge of both tarot and astrology

What you receive:

  • A 2000+ word written PDF reading emailed to you within 7 - 14 days

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General Policies

*Please note that I require a reasonably accurate time of birth to be able to deliver astrology based readings. Ideally this would be accurate within 1 hour. Please contact me first if you have an uncertain birth time.

All readings are YOU centered. That means I don’t do things like read cards or charts to find out things about other people.

I cannot offer black and white predictions and do not claim to be psychic, however I can (and I'm likely to) offer some general predictions because that’s simply the nature of the systems I use.

I do not answer questions regarding legal or medical issues (including pregnancy).

All readings are entirely confidential.

NB. I do not offer refunds for any astrological or tarot consultations listed on this website. Please consider your purchase carefully and read my reviews to get a sense of the kind of experience you’re investing in.